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Win a $1,500 custom-designed outdoor lighting package.

LIGHTSCAPES by SPARK Creative Group - Outdoor & Landscape Lighting Specialists

We will meet with the winner and design something based on their wants & needs, for THEIR home.

We can do things like: "accenting trees and foliage, accenting hardscape, illuminating walkways, illuminating water features, bistro lights and much more"

Benefits: Expand your living space/ enjoy the outdoors (they DO live in SB for a reason), accent the natural beauty of your space, illuminate areas for safety, set your property apart, feel safer, and more secure in your home at night.

Add curb appeal, drama, and living space to your home! Whether you're looking for a spooky Halloween, a white Christmas, or a festive Fourth, SPARK can create a completely unique and immersive scene, no matter the location.

Up lighting for your Santa Barbara Home

We will go beyond your typical lighting installation with the use of sound, video, decor, and our exciting special effects including fog for an eerie glow or snow machines for a magical winter wonderland.

Lani and his team of professionals continue their commitment to excellent customer service, innovative and thoughtful design, and acute attention to detail. 

Get INSPIRED. Find your SPARK.

Lani Ballonoff

[email protected]
Tel: 805-456-1231

Lightscapes by SPARK Creative - Night Lighting for Homes

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